Service is something we've all come to expect but rarely find. Technology 411 is here to change that !!

We offer a complete line of services related to Technology, whether it's computer repair in Caledon, hardware/software installations, new computer, network or smartphone setup. We can assist you, ensuring you know how to do it next time, or we can perform the change and hand it back to you. We do it all and we will do our utmost to ensure your data is protected during this process. As part of the process, Technology 411 will also make you aware of any security risks discovered and will discuss solutions to close any exploits.

We don't sell products so we offer you straight, honest advice. We will source products for you or with you.

We service Bolton, Palgrave, Caledon, Orangeville, Brampton and King.

Our hours are flexible to fit into your busy schedule. 


Rates - Effective January 1, 2024 

              $90.00 first hour or less, $25.00 every subsequent half hour or portion thereof. (Travel charges may be applicable for round trips over 70km.)

              Flexible rates for multi session training.

              Fixed pricing for specific jobs.


*** Please note - we do not do hardware repairs to sealed laptops, tablets, smartphones or Apple devices. These require specialized tools and parts that are usually only available to factory authorized shops.

Technology 411 can handle a wide range of computer repairs. Viruses and Malware are rampant on the internet and Virus Malware removal can cause unexpected issues without the proper research and backups. You may suspect you have a hardware issue but have you checked your cables? Has your machine started producing the Windows "Blue Screen of Death or BSOD" or randomly shutting off? 

Technology 411 offers a complete line of installation and upgrade services. Just bought a new router? Want a solid state drive to get a sub-minute boot time? Read on....

We offer a wide range of training / tutoring services for the novice, the daily user or the experienced user. Sure you could likely figure this out on your own - but wouldn't it be nice to see how your computer can make your life easier without all that reading and digging for information.

Today computers, TV's and phones run on networks. Your network is either wired, wireless or both. Do you understand the different type of wireless networks, their speeds and the issues around network security? Wouldn't it be nice to share that printer with everyone in the house or extend the range of your current wireless network?

Technology 411 can also perform custom work to meet your specific needs.